Welcome to BHP Training

BHP – bringing positive changes to your organisation

BHP works with a wide range of organisations to help them make the most of their strengths so they can achieve their goals.

We work closely with business and not for profit organisations to meet their development needs through training, coaching, Socratic Dialogue and resources. Whatever your goals are, we will help you reach them by empowering your team to maximise their skills.

Training to suit you

At BHP, we are passionate about helping both employers and employees fulfil their true potential. We listen carefully to your exact requirements before coming up with a training programme tailored to your organisational needs. We deliver effective training for staff at all levels from trainees and junior staff right up to senior management. We provide training sessions and workshops at times which fit in with your team, including evenings and weekends.

BHP has extensive experience in both the private and not for profit sector, including local authorities, housing associations, charities, educational establishments, hotels, retail outlets, private hospitals and care homes.

Socratic Dialogue – helping you find the answers to important questions

S.D Business

BHP is experienced in using Socratic Dialogue as a development tool to cultivate consensus reaching skills whilst increasing critical thinking skills. A qualified Socratic Dialogue facilitator facilitates the session and provides a structured dialogue in which to discuss business ethics, internal issues, develop strategies whilst working towards mutual understanding.

It is an ideal method for resolving issues relating to business ethics and change management. Socratic Dialogue will improve active listening skills and get the whole team working together to create a common vision and strategy for the future.

For not-for-profit organisations, Socratic Dialogue can be extremely useful for reducing conflict, developing cross cultural awareness and helping to build a strong and cohesive team.

S.D. Education

BHP uses the Socratic Dialogue approach in the education sector, working with schools and Further Education as part of their INSET programme. BHP deliver workshops within university H.E. teacher training departments, working with staff on how the methods and techniques used in Socratic Dialogue can increase critical thinking skills of learners.  They have also delivered workshops at a variety of international conferences in Europe.

Resources to support development

In addition to our training and Socratic Dialogue sessions, BHP also provides effective resources and materials to help your team develop their skills and enhance their knowledge.

Our range of resources includes publications to support those working in customer service and the health and social care sector. All of our materials are written so they can easily be used by people who speak English as a second language.